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Q. Can I have a custom made badge? 

A. Yep, no problem. Custom badges are £25. They will have the Jason Owen handmade text aound the edge and then your custom text in the centre. 


Q. Can I request how many chevrons / arrows for the ash shaft? 

A. No.

To have the best shaft with even arrows, please order from the Limited Edition Range. These cues are made with the best exhibition woods but also cost a lot more and take longer to produce.  

Q. Will my cue arrive safely if being sent overseas? 

A. I use UPS for any overseas shipping, they have proven to deliver fairly quickly and without problems. You may have to pay import duties from your countries customs department, this is out of my control. 

I want the cue to arrive in perfect condition as much as you do.  

Q. My cue bobbles when rolled on a snooker table, is it bent?

A. No, the taper of a cue is not straight from tip to butt, its more cigar shaped, so that along with the fact its hand made, will mean it will not roll perfectly flat like a cylinder might.

The way to tell if a cue is straight is to hold it up to on eye and rifle sight it down the shaft, turn it a quarter turn and check that way. 

No cue will leave me if I dont feel its straight. 

Q. Badges

A. I have 4 badges...

Standard Ivory with a number - This is used mainly for overseas cues going to China / Asia, to try and combat fakes being produced. 

Standard Black - This is the standard badge I use. If you want an ivory numbered badge then please tell me when ordering. 

Limited edition Black - This is the best of the best, best shaft with the best exotic woods I have. Limited edition cues are only made to my own designs and when I can. Any I make will be posted for sale on this site, but please be aware, as of 2021 ive only made 11 in the last 5 years. 


Special Special Ivory - These are made for the chinese 8 ball market and sold in Asia only.  

Q. How do I look after my cue?


When you first receive your cue, keep buffing it with a nice dry cloth. The oil finish will dull with the heat from your hands, but if you buff it after playing then it will get better and better. 

Storage -

Heat is woods biggest enemy, that said, extreme cold is not good, and changing quickly from one to another is the worse. So, try to keep your cue in a case, no where near a radiator or in sunlight or in the boiler cupboard! The absolute worse place to keep a cue is in the car! 

Under your bed is a great place, its out the way, not too hot and you will sleep well knowing its close by.

Maintenance - 

Tips and ferrules, change your tip often, do not let it get down to the ferrule. If its a pool cue then try not to break with your cue, use a good break cue. If you damage your ferrule then most likely you will lose 3-4mm off the length of the cue when having a new one fitted. Within a couple of years your cue will be too short for you. Take care when changing your tip, try to resist constantly shinning your ferrule with fine sandpaper. It will soon funnel and become much smaller and weaker. 

Every few months wipe it with damp kitchen roll, then dry immediately. Then buff with a dry cloth.

Every year, damp kitchen roll, dry it off immediately, then apply boiled linseed oil. Leave the linsed oil on for no more than 8-10 minutes (any longer and it will go sticky), the wipe off and leave over night. Then buff it, as much as you can with a dry cloth. If your confident, then get some 3000 grit sandpaper, this is very very fine. Rub the whole cue with that and then buff. Nothing less than 3000 though! Wire woold extra fine will also do a good job. 

(Buff - Rub up and down.. a lot) 

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