There are 4 main styles of cue butt design, Each priced differently depending on amount of splices and woods used. Please email to get a price.

Jason Owen Cues

Plain Butt Designs…

The butt is made up from 1 type of wood only.

These can make for a stylish classy cue.

plain button design

Front Splice Designs…

As a plain butt with he addition of a single front splice of an exotic wood.

front spliced designs

Our cues come with 4 types of badges

  • Standard Ivory with a number
  • Standard Black
  • Limited edition Black
  • Special Ivory
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4 Lower Splice…

4 extra splices of an exotic wood which wrap around the bottom of the cue.

4 lower spliced

Multi-Spliced Designs…

These are the most expensive cues, can have a multitude of splices to create a true one off masterpiece.

multi-spliced designs